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CARES Clinic


The CARES (Connections for ART, Resources, Education & Services) clinic is a specialty clinic for people who are living with HIV.


Tanner Ball

CARES Clinic Program Coordinator



Our providers at the CARES Clinic are knowledgeable and current about HIV care and have a great deal of experience treating patients. They are familiar with the full range of treatment options and the unique issues that may come up now or over time. Additionally, the CARES Clinic is connected with a specialist in infectious disease, particularly focused on HIV and AIDS, who accompanies our providers on specific CARES Clinic days to share his expertise with them and our patients.


Our CARES Clinic Coordinator will be your point of contact at Salud. They will help you manage your medical care through a variety of ways including setting up appointments, being a liaison between you and your provider, assist with access to medications, dental care, vision care, mental health services, and community resources.

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