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220 E. Rogers Road

Longmont, CO 80501



7:30 am - 5:00 pm  Monday, Thursday, Friday
7:30 am -8:00 pm   Tuesday, Wednesday

8:00 am -5:00 pm  Monday-Friday

8:30 am - 5:00 pm  Monday - Friday
(720) 322-9445

Telehealth Services available until 8:00pm 
Monday-Friday, system-wide.

8am-9am the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month

At the Salud Longmont clinic, we provide quality and affordable health care to all ages: newborns, children, teens, adults, and seniors!​

We provide integrated medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy & pediatric services to treat the WHOLE person. 

Our Providers

Icon- stethescope.png


salud medical provider
Grishma Shah, MD, Physician

EDUCATION: University of Rochester School of Medicine, MD

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine & Pediatrics 

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish 

salud medical provider
Hans Elzinga, MD, Physician

EDUCATION: University of Rochester School of Medicine, MD 

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine

SPECIAL PROCEDURES: Colonoscopy, Upper GI Endoscopy, Cardiac Stress Testing, C-Section, Tubal Ligation

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

salud medical provider
Elisabeth Merrill, MD, Physician

EDUCATION: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, MD; Saint Joseph Hospital Family Medicine Residency

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine, OB Care, Teen Health & Women's Health

SPECIAL PROCEDURES: Minor Skin Procedures, Joint Injections, IUD/Nexplanon, Endometrial Biopsies

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish & French

salud medical provider
Morgan Ruskay, PA-C
Physician Assistant

EDUCATION: University of Colorado Health Sciences; MPAS

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

Amanda Panepento, PA-C, MPH.JPG
Amanda Panepento, PA-C
Physician Assistant

EDUCATION: Emory University, PA-C, Masters of Public Health

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine

LANGUAGES: English & Intermediate Spanish

salud medical provider
Michael Allen, DO, Physician
Associate Center Director

EDUCATION: Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, MD

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine, Obstetrics, Pediatrics & Adult Medicine

SPECIAL PROCEDURES: Vasectomy, Colposcopy & Circumcision

LANGUAGES: English & Limited Spanish

salud medical provider
Michael Beer, PA-C, Physician Assistant

EDUCATION: George Washington University, PA-C

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine, Wilderness Medicine & Emergency Medicine


salud medical provider
Sonia Pankonin, PA-C
Physician Assistant

EDUCATION: Pennsylvania College of Technology, PA-C

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

salud medical provider
Rhina Rodriguez-Cernak, PA-C
Physician Assistant

EDUCATION: Stony Brook University, PA-C

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

Ian Wallace, MD.JPG
Ian Wallace, MD

EDUCATION: Carleton College, BA; University of Colorado School of Medicine, MD; Ventura Family Medicine, Residency; Salud Family Health Longmont, Fellowship

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine

SPECIAL PROCEDURES: Endoscopic Procedures (colonoscopy/EGDs), Hemorrhoidal Banding, Obstetrical Care (vaginal deliveries, c/sections, tubal ligations)

LANGUAGES: English, Beginner Spanish

salud medical provider
Matthew Brett, MD, Physician

EDUCATION: Columbia University New York Medical College, MD

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine


salud medical provider
Joshua Bailey, MD, Physician

EDUCATION: University of Colorado School of Medicine, MD

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine, Obstetrics & Pediatrics 

SPECIAL PROCEDURES: IUD/Nexplanon, Circumcision, Colposcopy & Minor Skin Procedures

LANGUAGES: English & Intermediate Spanish

salud medical provider
Daniel Norton, PA-C
Physician Assistant

EDUCATION: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center, MPAS

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

salud medical provider
Ila Slimowitz, NP-C
Nurse Practitioner

EDUCATION: Regis University, MSN

SPECIALTY: Family Medicine

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish & Limited Russian

Devin Jacobs, PA-C.jpg
Devin Jacobs, PA-C
Physician Assistant


SPECIALTY: Family Medicine


Icon- tooth.png


salud dental provider
Jody Davis, DDS, Dentist

EDUCATION: University of Colorado School of Dentistry, DDS

SPECIALTY: General Dentistry



salud dental provider
Leah Schulz, DDS, Dentist 

EDUCATION: University of Colorado School of Dentistry; DDS

SPECIALTY: General Dentistry


Kathleen Smith, RDH.JPG
K.C. Smith, Dental Hygienist 

EDUCATION: University of Minnesota, BS, Dental Hygiene 

SPECIALTY: General Dentistry


LANGUAGES: English & Limited Spanish

salud dental provider
Albert Hong, DMD, Dentist
Center Dental Director

EDUCATION: A.T. Still University, DMD; University of North Carolina Hospitals, General Practice Residency

SPECIALTY: General Dentistry

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

salud dental provider
Susan Hanson, Dental Hygienist

EDUCATION: University of Colorado Health Sciences, BS, Dental Hygiene

SPECIALTY: General Dentistry, Local Anesthesia

& Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

Kaitlyn Hahn, DDS.png
Kaitlyn Hahn, DDS, Resident

EDUCATION: University of Michigan School of Dentistry

salud dental provider
Jenna Milot, DDS, Dentist

EDUCATION: University of Colorado School of Dentistry, DDS

SPECIALTY: Pediatric Dentistry

SPECIAL PROCEDURES: Caring for Dental Health of Infants, Children, Adolescents & People with Special Needs


salud dental provider
Gina Terrell, Dental Hygienist

EDUCATION: Cerritos College, AS, Dental Hygiene 

SPECIALTY: Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy, Local Anesthesia & Nitrous Oxide Sedation

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

Megan Ryan, DDS.png
Megan Ryan, DDS, Resident

EDUCATION: University of Colorado, School of Dental Medicine


Icon- behavioral health.png


Yaira Oquendo-Figueroa, Ph.D..png
Yaira Oquendo Figueroa, PhD
VP of Medical Services - Behavioral Health Integration

EDUCATION: Ponce Health Science University, PhD, Clinical Psychology

SPECIALTY: Primary Care Psychology

SPECIAL POPULATION: HIV Population Older Adults & Sexuality

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

Kimberly Santos-Aviles, PhD, Director of MAT

EDUCATION: Ponce Health Sciences University, Clinical Psychology

SPECIALTY: Substance Use, Primary Care Psychology

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

Icon- pharmacy.png


salud pharmacy provider
Matthew Hall, PharmD Pharmacy Manager

EDUCATION: Doctor of Pharmacy

SPECIALTY: Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

LANGUAGES: English & Limited Spanish

salud behavioral health provider
Carlos Estrella
Behavioral Health Provider 

EDUCATION: Licensed in the State of Colorado, MS, Psychotherapy

SPECIALTY: Substance Use, Anxiety & Depression

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

Hasnain Headshot.jpg
Sohail Hasnain, MA, LPCC
Behavioral Health Provider

EDUCATION: University of the District of Columbia, MA, LPCC

SPECIALTY: Anxiety & Depression, Vocational Rehabilitation, Career Counseling

SPECIAL POPULATION: Adolescents, Persons with Disabilities, Autism

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish & limited Hindi/Urdu

Brenda Correa.jpg
Brenda Correa, PharmD Pharmacist

EDUCATION: University of Colorado School of Pharmacy, PharmD

SPECIALTY: APhA Immunization Certification, Women's Oral Health Contraceptive Certification, Smoking Cessation Therapy Certification, BLS/CPR Certification

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

Ursula Herrmann.jpg
Ursula Herrmann
Behavioral Health Provider 

EDUCATION: Naropa University, LPC

SPECIALTY: Older Adults, Somatic Psychotherapy

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish & German

Toro Headshot.png
Bianca Feliciano Toro, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

EDUCATION: Ponce Health Science University, PhD, Clinical Psychology

SPECIALTY: Primary Care Psychology

SPECIAL POPULATION: Latinx Individuals, Adults, Teens, Children, Caregivers

LANGUAGES: English & Spanish

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