Due to COVID-19, we have implemented PHONE & VIDEO VISITS into our model of care to keep you and our staff safe.

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Salud offers a variety of services and programs to respond to patient needs and support the many stages of life.


The CARES (connections for ART, Resources, Education & Services) clinic is a specialty clinic for people living with HIV. Based in the Salud Fort Collins Blue Spruce clinic, CARES provides medical care, medications, case management, behavioral health and dental services. If you are a Colorado resident living with HIV you are eligible for the CARES clinic. 


Salud Care Coordination supports patients navigating and accessing external health resources. This program is designed to provide better access to social services and community resources, including: food and clothing, financial assistance, transportation services, public benefits, housing resources, and more. 


Salud Clinical Pharmacists work with patients on diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol management. These pharmacists prescribe and adjust medication to better improve your health outcomes. 


Salud hosts 90-minute group visits with diabetic patients designed to teach patients about their diabetes and provide them the tools to take control of their chronic disease. Patients are able to learn about diabetes together, as well as share experiences, ideas, and resources in a safe, open and supportive environment. Discussions are led by a facilitator with the help of the Provider. Each group has up to 12 patients and includes time for a one-on-one visit with their Provider.

Click here for more resources.


Diabetic Retinopathy is a screening designed for all diabetic patients to detect abnormalities in the retina. 


The Komen Program provides breast screening services if you are not eligible for Women's Wellness Connection or Medicare. This program provides screening mammograms every two years for women and diagnostic breast services as needed.

MAMAS (My Amazing Maternity Adventure at Salud)

MAMAS are 90-minute group visits shared with other prenatal women. Each group has up to 12 patients with similar due dates. These groups provide an environment of learning, self-management and support. Discussions are led by a facilitator with the help of a Provider. Each group includes time for a one-on-one visit with their Provider.


MDI serves patients ages 0-20 and pregnant women of any age. A Dental Hygienist provides medical oral hygiene instruction, prevention counseling, and place fluoride varnish during a medical appointment. This program reduces dental cavities in children and pregnant women. 


Women's Wellness Connection (WWC) provides well women exams to uninsured or underinsured women  aged 21 and 64. Services may include: clinical breast exams, cardiovascular disease, pelvic exams, pap tests, mammograms, and diagnostic breast or cervical services as needed.

This program is provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. 

Click on your age range below to learn more about specific services available and enrollment packets. 

Age 21-29

Age 30-39

Age 40-64


MySalud Online is a health management patient portal that can be accessed HERE. This program is designed for easy access to your health information and the ability to be easily involved in your own health care. Through this portal, you can access immunization records, lab and diagnostic reports, and health records. You can also email your Provider, request medication refills and schedule appointments. 


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