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We are here for you!

Salud offers phone/video visits in our model of care.

A phone/video visit is a regular visit between you and your provider, but instead of meeting in person; it is a safe and convenient and allows us another option to safely provide you high quality care.


Medical & Behavioral Health

  • Your provider can address the majority of your health care needs over a phone/video visit.

  • Your provider may ask you to come to the clinic for additional services.

  • Ongoing health care is important! Especially if you have a chronic disease, like diabetes or heart disease, are an expectant mother, who needs prenatal care, or behavioral health services.

How do I request a phone/video visit?

​The process is the same to schedule any visit at Salud. Please call 303-697-2583. The Call Center agent will either connect you directly with a provider OR schedule your visit.

For instructions on how to start your telehealth visit, please watch:












How does billing work for my phone/video visit?

Billing works the same for a phone/video visit as a visit held in the clinic. Please visit our HEALTH COVERAGE page for more information.

  • Phone/video visits are billable through Medicaid, CHP+ and Medicare.

  • If you are enrolled in Salud’s Sliding Fee Scale/ Clinic Rate Program, you will be charged your co-pay based on your rating (family size and income).

  • If you have Commercial Insurance, billing depends on your insurer.

Before your phone visit, you will pay your co-payment by credit/ debit card.

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