In response to COVID-19:

If you have a prescription to pick up and are experiencing a fever, ANY respiratory symptoms, or have been in contact with someone diagnosed, or has pending test results, with Coronavirus (COVID-19), please do not come into the clinic.

Please send a friend or family member to pick up your prescription. They will need your date of birth (DOB) and address to pick up your prescription.

pharmacy technician grabbing prescriptions for patient

Salud provides quality and affordable health care to all ages: newborns, children, teens, adults, and seniors.


We provide integrated medical, pediatrics, dental, pharmacy and behavioral health services to treat the WHOLE person.

  • Your prescription will be filled the SAME DAY

  • Our pharmacy staff can communicate directly with your provider

  • Your prescription will be filled quickly with no additional stops on the way home

  • Refills can be securely and conveniently requested through the Salud patient portal

  • Salud pharmacy accepts all insurance plans and guarantees the lowest price


Salud has FIVE pharmacies where you can receive your script SAME DAY.

Please call us with questions, to transfer your prescription, or for a refill.


1860 Egbert Street 

Commerce City

6255 Quebec Parkway

Fort Collins Blue Spruce

1635 Blue Spruce Drive

Fort Lupton  

1115 Second Street


220 E. Rogers Road

If your local clinic isn't one of the five sites listed, we can provide your medication delivery for pick-up at your clinic.

Call us to refill your prescription and pick up

at your local clinic.