Salud is committed to serving you and your family’s health care needs during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. We are here for you during this challenging time and want to provide you and your family convenient, affordable and quality care!

We know that health care services are still needed; especially if you have a chronic disease, like diabetes or heart disease, have a child who is growing and needs immunizations and a well-child visit or an expectant mother, who needs prenatal care.

We continue to be here to serve you!

We are committed to your ongoing health care and safety!

Due to an increasing need to keep both our patients and our staff safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19), Salud has transitioned to mostly phone visits. Your provider will be able to handle the majority of your medical and behavioral health needs over a phone visit. Our Dentists are able to handle emergency dental services through a phone visit as well.

Based on your phone visit, your provider may ask you to come to the clinic for additional services.

A phone visit is safe and convenient and allows us another option of providing high quality care while also limiting your potential exposure to the coronavirus. 

Call us today to schedule your visit!

What is a phone visit?

A phone visit is a regular visit between you and your provider, but instead of meeting in person, your visit is conducted by phone. 

How to request a phone visit?

The process is the same as to schedule any visit at Salud. Please call 303-697-2583.

  • The Call Center agent will ask, what is the reason for your call, what kind of visit do you need today? 

  • The Call Center agent will schedule your phone visit with your provider and you will be given an appointment time.

    • Your provider will call you on your phone at that time for your visit.

    • When you are called for your visit, it will show up as a blocked number, so please know it will be your provider calling you.

How does billing work for my phone visit?

Billing works the same for a phone visit as a visit held in the clinic.

  • Phone visits are billable through Medicaid, CHP+ and Medicare.

  • If you are enrolled in Salud’s Sliding Fee Scale/ Clinic Rate Program, you will be charged your co-pay based on your rating (family size and income).

  • If you have Commercial Insurance, billing depends on your insurer.

Before your phone visit, you will be asked to pay for your co-payment, if you have one, by credit/ debit card

Are phone visits available for existing patients and new patients?

For now, phone visits are available only for existing patients. We are creating a process to provide phone visits to NEW patients, so please check back often for that update.


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